Mike's Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Like so many people, I have been saddened, shocked, confused and angry over the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer while others looked on. I’ve struggled to find the words that can express the sorrow I feel for Mr. Floyd, his family and for our country. I am also shocked at the destruction that has fallen on our cities in response to this tragic event. I am thankful for his brother’s words and the call for an end to this destructive unity and to seek justice in a positive manner. I believe in my heart that Jefferson County is a community of compassion. Even though we are a small community, I know that we can lead in ensuring that our communities of color feel safe and equally protected by those who are sworn to protect the safety of all our citizens. As someone who hopes to be your next sheriff, I will set the standard in ensuring that every citizen we interact with is treated with respect and dignity and to forge important community partnerships to better the relationship between the sheriff’s office and our communities of color.