Constituent Question: What is your training and what have you accomplished?

As a recap, I'd like to share with you all of the responsibilities of the Office of Sheriff:

It is a constitutional office responsible for the following:

1. Serves as ex-officio Treasurer of the County…collects taxes, maintains records, enforces payment of delinquent taxes, and disperses monies to the appropriate agencies.

2. Serves as the chief law enforcement officer in the county.

3. Serves as a fiduciary for individuals who are unable to do so for themselves.

4. Provides court security and serves/executes all returns, notices and process issued by the courts.

5. Transports prisoners and other individuals subject to extradition or mental hygiene.

6. Issues concealed weapons permits.

7. Manages the animal control and enforcement office.

Overall, it is the job of the Sheriff to oversee these operations and the 75 paid and 25 volunteer positions, across all departments. The Sheriff has to advocate for and manage the budget. He/she has to make sure that all of the positions are filled by well trained, well equipped men and women. The Sheriff needs to work to build and retain a highly functional team, including inspiring that team to do its best to serve this community. This goes for the Tax Office, Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Office.

I do believe that I am the best qualified candidate to hold this important office – both with my 10 years of service as a reserve deputy and as a longtime business professional who has built teams, managed budgets, advocated for resources and served clients through a top notch and motivated team.